Mission Statement


Conduct of competitive examinations for recruitment of officers and employees for various departments of Government of Madhya Pradesh in free, fair and transparent manner.

To work with Integrity and impartiality  in actions;Transparency andFairness in decisions/communicationso as to  enkindle faith in neutrality of the commission.

Action taken by PSC

In furtherance to achieve above goals the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has taken following reformative steps:


ü After every MCQ type examination, theproposed  model answer key is published and objections are invited. All such objections received are put before the subject experts and as per their opinion; final model answer key is approved and published. On the basis of the final approved model answer key, answer sheets of candidates are evaluated.


ü OMR Sheets of state services Prelim exam are provided immediately after the result of candidate concerned on submitting his/her admit card.

ü  OMR sheets of other examinations are also provided to the candidates after declaration of the selection list. The  result of successful candidates for interview is declared roll number wise ( in order of Roll number , not in order of merit) and marks obtained by the candidates selected for interview are kept secret, even interview board members do not have knowledge of the marks obtained by the candidates in written examination , appearing before them. Thus OMR sheets are not provided before interview so that secrecy is maintained.


ü MPPSC provides Marks sheet to concerned candidates


ü MPPSC publishes result of all the exam on-line.


ü MPPSC also provide answer books of State Service Mains Exam after declaration of result, to the concern candidate.




ü OMR Sheet has been re-designed  in two parts

Ø Part 1: This contains Roll Number  and other necessary details and two barcodes

Ø Part 2:  This contains responses of the candidates along with  other necessary details and copy of barcode of Part 1

ü The evaluation of OMR sheet is done as following:

Ø After MPPSC receives all OMR Sheets from the examination Centres, OMR Sheets are divided in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

Ø Part 1 is shielded and kept with Controller Exam

Ø Only Part 2 is given to the Evaluation Centre.

Ø Evaluation centre gets evaluation done of Part2 alone with barcode and submits the results barcode wise to the Controller Exam.

Ø Evaluation Centre also prepares scan image of Part2 along with barcode.

 Ø The Controller Exam after receiving bar code wise result; provides Part 1 to the Evaluation Centre for reading roll numbers barcode wise.

Ø In the next step Scanning of Part 1 is done separately  and then Evaluation centre submits evaluation result and scan image , barcode wise to Controller Exam

Ø Meanwhile CE(Controller Exam) notifies model answers and same is uploaded on web-site and objections are invited.

Ø All objections received are put up before an expert committee for observation and recommendation.

Ø On expert Committee’s recommendations final Model Answer-key is prepared             and published

Ø On the basis of final model answer key , final result, roll number wise marks and barcode is prepared by evaluation center.

ü Answer books of conventional type examination are evaluated by two examiners to minimise the personal subjectivity of the examiner. The average of marks given by the two examiners are the final marks obtained by the candidate.


3. Process of Question paper setting:

Process of setting of question papers followed by moderation has also been modified to improve accuracy and correctness of question papers. Now Unit wise experts are called for the preparation of Question Papers. So none of the paper setter has knowledge of entire paper. Finally moderators compile and moderate multiple set of question papers.

4. Conduct of Online Exam

To  speed  up the complete examination process and to make it temper proof , a fully automated MCQ type of examination process is in place , which starts from Online automated question paper distribution directly on the Examinee’s screen, conduct of Examination directly on computers , automated collection of answers of all examinees , processing and declaration of result  is done.

 5. Conduct of Onscreen Marking( Proposed)

For State Service Main’s Exam and State Service Engineering Exam, examination process is gradually beingautomated. Though Examinee will answer in conventional answer books specially designed. In the next step, all answer books are electronically scanned and with the help of specially designed software the answer books of the candidates will be evaluated independently by two evaluators. The s/w will ensure that no question left un-evaluated and marks are totalled correctly. This system will greatly enhance the accuracy of Examination process.

6. Examination Process:


ü SOP of conduct of examination is thoroughly revised and compiled in a book-let form

ü Training of invigilators is compulsory before every examination


Practice of appointing an independent person (Not below the rank of Assistant Professor) from outside the institution is also made mandatory for all the examination centres for all the examination.





Facility of CM help line call centre is widely used to provide support to candidates and to provide them venue for lodging complaints in transparent and secure manner.